Veritas Imaging is accepting bookings for Ultrasound and Mammograms.

and Smith Clinic offers X-rays and Bone Mineral Densitometry.

( Smith Clinic and Veritas Imaging are sharing the same space and phone lines.)

So if you phone our Reception desk at 1-780-608-5883, they might answer “X-ray?” or “X-ray department”, or there might be a voice recording menu asking to “Press 1 for X-ray and Bone Density, or Press 2 for Veritas Imaging for Ultrasound and Mammography”.

About booking Mammograms:
Women from age 50 to 69 are allowed by law in Alberta, to book their own screening mammograms, simply by phoning us, without needing a doctors signature on a request form. But every woman needs to give us the name of their doctor who will receive a copy of the results.

Woman younger than 50 or older than 69 can get mammograms too, but they would need a signed request form from their doctor.

About booking Ultrasound scans:
All Ultrasound scans should be requested by sending a Fax of the doctor-signed request form. We can’t book ultrasounds over the phone until we receive a request form (by fax, or mail, or hand-delivered), which is a hassle for you, but we’re working on improving that.

About booking Bone Mineral Densitometry:
The BMD scans only take place on a few days of the week, not every day, so they need to be booked in advance, and require a doctor-signed request form.

About X-rays:
All X-rays need a doctor-signed request form, (or signed by related professions like Chiropractor or Nurse Practitioner), but patients with a signed request form can simply show up in person, and get their X-ray done immediately. There is no waiting list, so no pre-booked times for X-rays.

  Reception (for inquiries about bookings): 1-780-608-5883
  fax (for sending requisitions for bookings): 1-780-672-7455

About Request Forms:
We accept any request form, whether or not it says Veritas Imaging, or St. Mary’s Hospital, or the names of other radiology groups in other cities like MIC, or Insight, or Pureform, or CML, or Canada Diagnostics, or CAMIS or RCA or EFW. As long as the form tells us the required information:
– Your name and Alberta Health Care number,
– Your doctors name and signature,
– The kind of scan requested,
– The medical reasons for wanting the scan.

Veritas Imaging has request forms that doctor offices can use. The PDFs of regular Veritas Imaging Request Form is here, and the Veritas Imaging Mammography request form is here, in PDF format. Doctors offices who wish to receive printed pads of these forms, can call reception and ask them to be mailed.

Health Care is free.
This is a public clinic, accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and funded by Alberta Health via fee-for-service billings to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. We don’t charge directly to patients, as long as you have an Alberta Personal Health Card.